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Homeowner’s Guide: 4 Top Different Roof Styles That Can Be Installed

When most people think about roofs, they usually think about the things they keep in and out of the house. Roofs help to protect the inside of the house from rain, snow, sun, hail, and any other objects that nature throws our way. But, what a lot of people are not aware of is that there are many different styles of roofing that can be installed.

What is best for your house will depend on many factors, such as your location, climate, and budget. This guide will give you a flavor of four of the top different roof styles that can be installed.


Flat roofs are the best option if you are planning on creating green roofing or outside patio. Utilizing flat roofs can create a lot of extra outdoor living space. They are simple to build and require the least amount of building materials. Flat roofs are also ideal if you plan to install solar panels. However, they need to be adequately waterproofed, as they don’t drain as well as other roofing styles.

If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain or snow, then it might be better to consider other options.


Gable roofs are one of the most common styles in the US and are easy to recognize by their triangular shape. This is probably the best option if you live in an area with high rain or snowfall, as the triangular nature of the roof aims drainage.

Gable roofs are famed for their simple design, enabling homeowners to have large attic spaces which aid ventilation. However, they might not be ideal if you live in an area that is prone to high winds or hurricanes.

Hipped Roofs

Hipped roofs are seen as an alternative to gable roofs. They offer better cover and shade than traditional gable roofs because of the four-sided design with eaves that slight light overhangs the walls. While they may be more expensive to build than gable roofs, they tend to perform better in high wind areas.

They can also be modified to allow some living areas in the attic, with the addition of a dormer window.


Mansard roofs – or French roofs – are ideal for homeowners looking to convert attics into living areas. The unique style with its sloping sides and dormer windows almost looks like a hat has been placed on the main building. It pays to plan ahead with Mansard roofs especially if you are having a house newly built.

If you are retrofitting an existing roof, then Mansard roofs can be expensive to build. But, this initial cost will add a lot of extra space and value to your property.

What Next?

If you are not sure what roofing style is best for your property, then you should contact a roofing contractor for a consultation. They will be able to layout your options and provide you with expert advice.