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5 Top Causes Of Metal Roofing Leaks

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with more and more homeowners realizing that they carry many benefits. A properly installed and maintained metal roof can last around 50 years, in some cases longer. Metal roofs also eliminate or reduce many of the issues associated with other roofing materials, such as rot, snow damage, and fire.

However, as with all roofing materials problems can occur if it has been incorrectly installed or if they are subjected to extreme weather conditions. Today, we will take a closer look at the top causes of metal roofing leaks.

Extreme Conditions

Any kind of roofing material is susceptible to the elements, which is why you should always keep on top of the maintenance and check for damage after a storm. Metal roofing generally copes with the snow very well, but heavy snowfall can cause problems in its structural integrity. Falling tree branches and strong winds can also damage it.

Defective or Incorrect Roofing Screws

Metal roofs need to be carefully installed using the right kinds of screws. If they are misaligned, overdriven, under driven, or just not the right fit for the job, then the likelihood of leaks increases exponentially. Extreme changes in temperature can also cause the rubber seals to degrade, so if you suspect any leaks, then you should get in a trusted roofing contractor to check, as these leaks can be hard to find.

Incorrectly Installed Flashing

If you have noticed a leak, the chances are that the source is one of the flashing points. If the flashing hasn’t been properly sealed or installed, then you are likely to have problems sooner rather than later.

The heat from the sun and the movement of the roofing materials can also put extra pressure on the flashing materials. It will need regular checking and generally have a shorter lifespan than the metal roof.

Incompatible Materials

Metal roofing materials are usually chosen for their suitability to the unique features of your house, as well as environmental factors. Specific materials have excellent corrosion resistance; however, when certain metals come into contact with one another, this can lead to negative interactions.

Left untreated these interactions can lead to corrosion and leaks. Therefore, speak to your contractor about the different parts of the roof and materials that you or they are planning to use.

Contractors Cutting Corners

As you may have noticed a lot of causes of metal roofing leaks are due to poor installations. Therefore, you should do your homework before hiring a roofing contractor. Make sure that they have a good reputation and that they use the best quality materials. Also, ensure that they offer a guarantee and warranty if any problems do occur.

Metal roofing can save you a lot of money in the long run, but for that to happen, it needs to be correctly installed and maintained. Time spent during the planning stage will save headaches later. The last thing you want is interior damage. This could turn into an expensive flooring replacement project.