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How to Choose the Right Shingle Roofing for Your Home

The roof is a vital part of a house’s exterior defenses. Not only does it help to keep the house safe and warm, but it can also aid the curb appeal of a home. Therefore, choosing the right kind of roofing shingles is not a decision that should be rushed.

There are many different kinds of shingles on the market, and choosing the best type for your roof can be challenging, as there are many factors to take into consideration. To help you out, we have put together this quick guide on how to choose the right shingle roofing.

1. Aesthetics

While shingles play a vital role in keeping out the elements, they also add to the overall look and feel of the home. This is particularly important if you are planning to put your house on the market in the near future.

When choosing shingles, you will need to consider the style of your home so that you are able to find the perfect match. Some color combinations will work better than others, so bear in mind that your choice of shingle may impact any potential changes of color to the exterior walls.

2. Type of Shingles

Shingles come in all shapes and sizes, with associated pros and cons. The best kind of shingle for your home will depend on the size of the area that needs to be covered and environmental factors.

Typically, you can get three different styles of asphalt shingles: 3-tab, dimensional, and designer. 3-tab shingles are generally the cheapest option available, while dimensional shingles have extra layers to offer more protection but at a higher cost. On the other hand, designer shingles provide premium quality and are the best choice if aesthetics are an essential factor for the homeowner.

It is also possible to purchase other materials such as slate, wood, and metal. Each type of shingle comes with its own manufacturer’s guarantee and may also be Energy Star qualified, resulting in considerable energy bill savings.

The decision between these various options can also lead to significant cost differences to purchase.  There is a reason that asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the world.  They provide a 20 to 30 year roof covering at a fraction of the cost of concrete/clay/slate tiles or metal roofing.

3. Environmental Conditions

The area you live in will play a significant role in choosing the ideal shingles for your home. For example, if you live in an area where algae thrive, then you will need to find shingles with algae-resistance properties to keep those unsightly black stains at bay.

Likewise, if you live in a colder climate, you will probably be better off with darker-coloured shingles, as they help to trap heat in the house and melt snow. However, in warmer climates, you will benefit more from having lighter-coloured shingles that reflect the sunlight away from the home.

Need Help Choosing?

If you find the number of choices overwhelming or if you are not sure which way to go, then you should contact a local, trusted roofing contractor. They will be able to advise you on the best options available for your house and the area you live in—taking some of the stress out of the whole process.